If you are a lover of authintic mughlai  food and appreciate the royal tradition of Mughlai Kings Nizams's is the destination to savour your culinary delights. Located at the heart of the city Nizam's boasts of tradition of nearly a century. Nizam's has the state of the art bhatti to create the most tender and soft Indian breads.

Tandoori Roti-Plain

Traditional Indian bread cooked in a tandoor (clay oven), with a slightly crispy exterior and soft interior. A versatile accompaniment to various dishes.

₹ 45

Plain Paratha

A classic and simple paratha made with whole wheat flour, cooked to perfection. A versatile bread option for any meal.

₹ 48

Tandoori Roti Butter

Soft and fluffy tandoori bread with a buttery flavor. A perfect accompaniment to curries or kebabs.

₹ 58

Naan Butter

Soft and fluffy Indian bread, topped with melted butter. A popular choice to enjoy with curries or as a standalone indulgence.

₹ 78

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